По многочисленным просьбам мы подготовили видео про шаблоны и заготовки ответов на IELTS Speaking.

Шаблоны – это непростая тема, так как, с одной стороны, они помогают сделать ответ лучше, а с другой могут подвести Вас, если экзаменатор заподозрит, что Вы вызубрили ответ.

В видео ниже – несколько хороших заготовок, которые помогут Вам улучшить Ваш балл по grammatical range and accuracy, а также lexical resource.

Под видео- другие шаблоны ответов.


Use fillers

Warm up the listener

Funny I got this card.

Actually, thinking about it… there are/ I’ve actually known many/ I’ve actually had many __ __ (what?) in my life and I could say a lot of interesting things about each of them… because they are special in their own ways.

But the first one that comes to mind is and stands out the most is…

So my task is to talk about…

When I first saw this card, it made my mind go blank, because there are many ____ that I have (seen/met/had) in my life and I could be here talking about them all day.

But if I have to choose one, it’ll have to be…..

Move to the topic

Provide as many details, as possible

I still remember the day when I (first)… It was (when?) …

One thing that immediately struck me… /One thing that I noticed straight away was…

One reason why this… (noun, e.g. ‘letter’ or ‘meeting’ …) was so (adj- memorable/special/exciting…) for me was that…

One thing that really struck me when I first __ (saw/met/tried/read/watched/talked to…) was ___

I guess it was unusual for me at the time, as I used to think that… You know, how you’d usually haveTHIS ONE was different. A really great (usual/special/amazing/strange/…) thing about it was its’…..

On the one hand, it is/was/ really seemed…

At the same time, it is/was/ really seemed…


Sum up

Since then I’ve seen a lot more…/There have been a lot more __ (letters/people, etc.) since that time, but there was something about that particular_ that makes me still remember….

So yeah, what I really (admire/remember/ like…) about (…..) is her/his/their (ability to/ attitude/ quality of…)

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