Всем привет.

Мы подготовили транскрипт к видео-примеру хорошего ответа на часть speaking. Полезные фразы и комментарии- под видео.



It is funny you should ask. (устойчивое выражение. Хороший способ начать ответ)

I am actually not quite sure because I’ve traveled quite a lot and moved from place to place. But I guess I’ll talk about the place where I grew up,where I was born.

It is a smallish (разговорное выражение) town not far from Moscow, sixty kilometers. It is called Khotkovo and on the one hand, it is quite typical. It has your factory (your  в этом случае подчеркивает типичность. Вы, мол, знаете, о чем я говорю), a movie theater, a couple of schools, blocks of flats, a typical Soviet town. On the other hand, of course for me, it was special. I was growing up there so it looked magical at times ( = иногда). One thing that I really liked about it is that it didn’t matter which direction you went, you’d probably end up (грамматика + фразовый глагол) in a forest-like area, so it was quite green and it was nice because of that. But my favorite thing is its art legacy. There used to be (грамматика) an estate where lots of artists traveled and stayed in summer, and there is now an art college. It has this nice ‘arty’ feeling about it ( разговорное выражение). That’s the small town. But now when I go back and visit, it sort of shrunk in a way (разговорное выражение). It doesn’t look as great or magical any more. But I guess that’s what happens when (разговорное выражение) you travel a lot.

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